Are you ready to take a deep journey into Celtic Christianity?


Join The Celtic Way 2024, a one-year online learning experience with incredible, insightful instructors of Celtic Christianity. If you are ready for a life changing journey to discover what made Celtic Christianity so powerful - you've come to the right place.

How many of you have read or listened to the stories of the Celtic Saints?

 How many of you have ever wondered to yourself, "How did these people walk in such power and authority?" When you read about the enthralling miracles and signs and wonders that followed the lives of these incredible men and women, does that make you hungry for more?

These Celtic lands have an incredibly rich Christian heritage and are deeply rooted in the foundation of the teachings of the Apostles. The plumbline of truth was very evident in the lives of the Celtic Saints and is seen in their wonderful and loving embrace of our Father in Heaven, and is also witnessed in the sounds and the music that flows out of these lands.

Are you ready for transformation in your life? Are you ready to walk in the power, authority, signs, wonders and miracles that they walked in?

If this is you, then this school is the place you want to be. Over the course of a year we are going to take you on an incredible journey and show you what these men and woman practiced and partook of in their walk with the Creator of all mankind.

Join Ray & Denise Hughes, Grant & Samantha Mahoney, Stevie Mckie and Jane Schroeder on this incredible journey.

What are you going to learn?

As part of this in-depth one year school you are going to walk a journey through the lives of the Celtic Saints and together we are going to look at what they practiced and lived out in their daily lives that in turn translated to nation changing power.

As part of this course we are going to look at the following topics:

Introduction to Celtic Christianity
  • Background to Celtic Christianity looking at things like; The Druids / Paganism / Darkness / Pre-Christian Celtic Mythology
  • How did it start and why did it stop?

An expose on the lives of different saints like:
  • Saint Patrick; Saint Brigid; Saint Columba; Saint Cuthbert; Saint Kevin; Saint Winefride; Saint David of Wales; Saint Kieran; Saint Illtud; The Desert Fathers and more...
Ego (We will look at ego and its counterparts)
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Being faithful in the small everyday things

Hallmarks of the Celtic Church
Part 1 - Separation
Part 2 - Prayer
Part 3 - The Word of God
Part 4 - Holiness
Part 5 - Community
Part 6 - Discipline
Part 7 - Worship
Part 8 - The ministry of woman
Part 9 - Relationship with creation
Part 10 - Spiritual authority
Part 11 - Governmental authority
Part 12 - Thin Places

Power of the Age to Come
Part 1 - Healing & Miracles
Part 2 - Beyond Prophecy & Oracles
Part 3 - Evangelism with power

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Meet Your Amazing Teachers

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Ray Hughes is the founder of Selah Ministries. He and his wife Denise live in Florence, Alabama. Ray has been in full-time ministry for over 50 years as a singer/songwriter and author.
Known by many as a humourist, poet and storyteller, Ray is recognized internationally as a clear prophetic voice, a revival historian, a gifted teacher, and a spiritual father.
He has led tours to Ireland, Scotland and Wales for over 20 years. His knowledge and keen insight into Celtic Christianity is rich with application for today.

Ray Hughes

Denise is married to Ray Hughes. They have three wonderful children and five amazing grandchildren. She is a student and teacher of the Bible and Biblical Hebrew. She is a dream interpreter and has taught dream clinics and seminars for many years.
She is an artist and loves to paint and be creative. She was raised in the ministry and then married a minister, together they have travelled the world giving people a greater understanding of praise and worship.
She has served as tour coordinator/teacher in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, facilitating worship teams, prayer groups and mission teams for 25 years. She has travelled there over 30 times and carries a great love for all the Celtic lands. 

Denise Hughes

Grant has always had a heart for the Celtic Nations. This has been with him for as long as he has been alive. He loves to study the lives of the Celtic Saints and longs to walk in the depth of relationship that they walked in with the Lord.
Grant loves to share and uncover the reasons that Celtic Christianity was so powerful and full of life that literally changed the earth. The signs, wonders, miracles and authority that these saints walked in has always been a heart cry of his to see this level of power in this generation.
Grant and his wife, Samantha now live in the Republic of Ireland. They have taken many tours to Ireland and love the land and its spiritual history.

Grant Mahoney

Samantha has a deep love for the nations of the earth and her motivation in everything she does is to trade into her future generations. She believes that what you do today can leave a legacy and an inheritance for your seed into the future. Likewise, our ancestors before us are partly responsible for us experiencing the blessings of God – up to a thousand generations - of those who loved God.
‘The Celtic Way’ offers students the opportunity of tapping into their inheritance and taking up the mantles left for them, so that they can complete their part of the tapestry that God had in mind for them to do.
Samantha has fallen in love with the Celtic Saints and the simplicity of the gospel in their lives; she has been inspired by the power demonstrated by them – which changed nations; and she desires to pursue the reasons why they did what they did.

Samantha Mahoney

The Celtic saints demonstrated and manifested the power of the kingdom in a manner that is arguably unprecedented even to this day.
In the darkest of ages these saints who emerged in the Celtic lands turned the world upside down, spreading the ancient gospel through mighty signs and wonders.
It is therefore such an honour to invite you on this journey with me and the other mentors, where we together will discover the keys to their success and where we will learn how we also can walk in true authentic power/authority that we so desperately need in our modern yet dark world.

Stevie Mckie

Jane has two amazing adult children and is nana to grandson Arthur. Residing in Scotland and has also lived in Wales.
Celtic Christianity speaks to me of a pattern of heritage, community, daily prayers, daily devotion of loving Yahweh and worship, their focus with humility.
A lifestyle of sacrificial ministry, loving God, walking the land with wild wandering, bringing heaven onto earth.
This is the legacy of Celtic Christianity that I enjoy.

Jane Schroeder

What The Celtic Way Offers

Discover the power of online learning

All classes are online. You have your own forum where you can connect with your class mates and your teachers.
There are 3 x 12 week trimesters with a 5 week break in-between each trimester.
As an extra benefit we will have one tour to Ireland each year for the students. This will be an extra cost and is only available to the first 40 studentse that register for the tour.
Works on almost any PC, Laptop, Mobile Device and Tablet.
There are 2 pre-recorded sessions each week and 1 live Zoom call each week with 2 of your teachers on each Zoom call..
You can download all your sessions onto your own device and listen to them whenever you like.
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