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Beth,Mo and Lynn

Wisdom's Well started in Madison, Wisconsin. Events are offered at various locations. Fees vary according to the nature of the individual event. For more information check out our Programs Staff and Contact links.



After about three months of conversation among the founders, Paula Hirschboeck, Ph.D, Marie Louise Seckar, OP, Maureen McDonnell, OP and a number of other people, Wisdom's Well was launched on May 18, 2006.  In August of that year, we began an annual series of “Summer Evenings” of supper and sharing around a topic related to adult spiritual growth.  Subsequent programs have been both “stand alone” and collaborative programs with church communities on spiritual topics of interest for adults of many faiths and those who may not identify with a particular faith but are searching to own and understand what gives them life.

Of particular note are two series of programs:  a Fall 2008 series to honor Thomas Merton, marking the 40th anniversary of his death that winter; and a Fall 2009 series, addressing what various spiritual traditions can offer to sustain those in crisis.  In May 2009, Lynn Lisbeth and Paula Hirschboeck planned “Spiritual Longings and Belongings,”  which holds the possibility of growing into regular gatherings, similar to two ongoing programs that have provided much growth and hold promise for the future: “Sophia’s Circle,” planned and led by Paula, and “Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton,” facilitated by Maureen McDonnell.

As a result of Paula's journey to ordination as a Buddhist priest on 4/4/10, she chose to withdraw from the staff of Wisdom's Well but to continue to offer some programs. Lynn Lisbeth OP, and Beth O Brien complete our staff at this time.

Note:If you wish to contact Paula, you may do so at 608-209-8290 or hirsch@edgewood.edu

Each staff person offers spiritual guidance to individuals.  The Center has no geographic location but rather, gathers in a variety of places to offer programs.

Wisdom’s Well is dedicated to the work of interfaith spirituality by supporting contemplation in the midst of an active life and celebration of a sacred Earth Community.

Wisdom's Well Interfaith Spirituality Center is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization.